SPEAKERS NETWORK - We are associated with noted Middle East experts, many who are nationally recognized authors, professors, military personal and government officials, who upon request, are available to address audiences and groups. These below represent only a few.

Dr. John Somerville

 Director of the speakers Network Following High School and College in Ohio State University where John received his PhD.  John Joined the Marine Corps in 1965. He went to Viet Nam twice, first with the Special Landing Force and then as a battalion advisor with the Vietnamese Marines.  During his 30 years in the Corps. John was an Infantry Officer and later and Intelligence Officer specializing in the Middle East.  John spent time In Okinawa, Turkey, Somalia , Honduras , Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria... then the most of the dangerous of all, Washington, D.C..  He retired as a Marine Corps Colonel.  John first traveled in the Middle East in the early 70s and continued doing so until he had completed more than 50 trips to the area.  In 2005 he was honored with the coveted "Friend of Israel" Award.  As mentioned John earned a Ph.D. from Ohio State University where he also coached football on the staff of the famed Woody Hayes.  John coached at East Carolina, Princeton and Georgetown.  He presently teaches Government and History, and is married to his lovely wife Mary with six children and 10 Grand Children.  In his summers he is Major League Baseball scout, for the Houston Astros and runs baseball camps in eastern Europe, Israel and Australia.

Dr. Amnon Shor

Born in Israel to an orthodox Jewish family. His grandfather Zachariah was a Rabbi in the local synagogue. After his service in the Israeli Army, where he fought the Egyptian Army in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Dr. Shor set out to see the world and ended up in the U.S. where he met his wife of 22 years Lynette. They have three children. Dr. Shor serves as a Messianic Rabbi at Beth David Messianic Congregation in Fresno, California.  Dr. Shor is an international conference speaker on prophetic subjects and is an expert on the Middle East conflict. He has appeared on many radio and television programs which include CBS, CBN, TBN, and Jewish Voice.

General Dale L. R. Lucas

Highly decorated former Green Beret.  Served with a exemplary twenty-three year career in the United States Army.  His lengthy training and practical experience in counter insurgency and combat have made him uniquely qualified to write his books.  his assignments were in numerous positions such as The Hellenic Raiding Force of Greece, The Danish Frogman Corps, The mountain School of Spain and The Kurdish Tribesmen of Turkey as well as multiple tours of duty in the Republic of Viet Nam.  He is an underwater military diver and trained as scout swimmer.  He is a seasoned mountaineer with training in skiing and extreme cold weather operations.  He served his last tour of duty in Viet Nam as a cobra helicopter pilot with over 2,000 hours of combat flying time.  He rose through the ranks from Private to Major, missing only the top two enlisted grades prior to becoming a commissioned officer.  Subsequent to his retirement,  he was recalled to serve in the United States Volunteers - Joint Service Honors Command and currently holds the rank of BG General.

 Dean Murphy  "Middle East Expert"

Webmaster and Assignment Editor for Information Bureau (retired) Father of 8, Ph.D., U.S. government, industry, farming, owned and operated several small businesses in Western United States, Real Estate Entrepreneur.  NASCAR driver, S.C.U.B.A. Instructor, Aikido Instructor, holds rank of Shodan in the International San Ten Karate Association, Co-founder of the world famous Murph's Divers, the Off Road Club, Murph's Marauders. Over 40 years of experience living in, reporting from, and writing commentary on travel and political developments in the Middle East. Born in United States, traveled extensively throughout the Middle East and surrounding countries, which he returns often to renew his acquaintances and update his knowledge of the area's changing political climates. Gratefully serves in the United States Volunteers - Joint Service Honors Command and currently holds the rank of Colonel.

Editors opinion:

"It is quite possible, to criticize and or condemn the Arab/Muslims for their acceptance of the fanatic Islamic terrorist groups...those that sponsor, as well as those who give aid to those horrible terrorist acts, without, becoming an anti-Islamic bigot. Radical Islamic demands for what they have called "justice", is so blood soaked, by past horrendous acts, it is completely discredited from any claim on your or my conscience, and it is not bigotry or racial hatred, to say so. 

It is certainly a  fact that not all Muslims are terrorists, but it is equally certain, and painfully true, that almost all terrorists are Muslims. The majority of those who manned the suicide bombings against buses, vehicles, schools, houses, and buildings all over the world were Muslim. Let us acknowledge this truth instead of denying it and move on and destroy this cancer which dwells within Islam and now threatens society as a whole.   The best defense against this kind of murderous violence is to limit the pool of recruits, and the only way to do that is for the Muslim society to isolate, condemn and denounce publicly and repeatedly the murderers - and not amplify, ignore, glorify, justify or "explain" their activities.
I don't possess the power to change your mind... just to expand your knowledge. We join with all the peace loving people in a prayer for peace and with this peace, may G'd bring all of us to Israel in celebration of peace."